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Enrolment and workload

An internship (10 ECTS credits) in a company, institution or social organisation, after having passed the practical course in the Design and Management of Cultural Projects.

Students will have to write a project related to the field of cultural heritage during their internship at a company or institution that has an agreement with the UdL.

- Students must have passed 40% of the course credits, which will not include credits awarded for bridging subjects, in order to start the internship.

- Students will be expected to devote 250 hours to the internship, of which 150 hours will be spent working, 90 hours preparing the final report about the experience and 10 hours will be set aside for attending tutorials.

- Students must have an academic tutor (to be chosen from the course lecturers) and a tutor from the company or institution before they begin the internship.

- Students must write a report about their experiences on the internship. Once they have completed this task, the tutor will mark it, and if passed, the project must be defended in public. 

Further information about internships is available at the following link: